How do I know if a tour date is 'On Request'?

Understanding what it means when a tour date is listed as 'On Request' is important for planning your trip.

Here’s what you should know about this status:

  1. Meaning of 'On Request':

    • A tour marked as 'On Request' indicates that the tour is nearly full or close to the departure date and cannot be immediately confirmed online. This status requires additional steps to secure a spot.
  2. Booking process:

    • To proceed with an 'On Request' booking, the tour operator often requires upfront full payment. They must then check availability for all components of the tour, including accommodations, activities, and transportation.
  3. Confirmation time frame:

    • The process to confirm availability typically takes two to four business days as it involves coordination with local offices and suppliers.
  4. Booking conditions:

    • Once you agree to proceed with an 'On Request' booking, changes to your booking are generally not possible. This is because the operator starts confirming services with their suppliers. Canceling during this process might incur cancellation fees.
  5. Outcome of the request:

    • If all components of the tour are available, your booking will be confirmed promptly. However, if spaces are not available after the operator has checked, you will receive a full refund.
  6. Confirmation requirement:


It is advised to wait until your tour is fully confirmed before booking any flights to ensure you do not encounter any scheduling conflicts or incur additional costs should the tour not be confirmed.

Understanding the 'On Request' status can help you navigate the uncertainties around nearly full or imminent tour departures, ensuring you make informed decisions about your travel plans.