My payment method has changed. Where will my refund go?

Due to the security of Braintree, our payment provider, TourRadar is not able to process a refund to a different card other than the one you've used to make payment(s). This is because when TourRadar organises a refund, we simply reverse the charge on your card and cannot use a different credit card number for a reversal. This is just another great way that TourRadar protects your funds and ensures complete payment confidentiality! 

If your credit card number or account details have changed, your bank should still be able to ensure you receive your refund by re-routing this into the correct account, there's nothing for you to worry about. This may take a bit longer than usual, depending on the speed of your bank, but the funds should reappear for you shortly. 

If for any reason your refund does not go through, our Finance Team will be notified and we'll then reach out to arrange your refund via a PayPal account or bank transfer to ensure your funds are returned to you as timely as possible.