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How do I apply my travel credits to a new booking?

  • Log into your TourRadar account utilizing the email address associated with your account containing the travel credits.

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  • Navigate to the tour page and proceed by clicking 'Confirm Dates'.

Confirm Dates
  • This action will prompt the display of the Booking page.

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  • Provide all the necessary information as required.

  • Direct your attention to the section labeled 'TourRadar Savings', positioned before the Payment Schedule.
    • If your login was successful, your Travel Credits should be automatically applied.
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    • In the event that they aren't, please reach out to our Live Chat, and our Customer Support Team will be more than happy to assist you.
  • From the ensuing options, choose the applicable travel credits.

Should you not observe this option, it's likely that your login wasn't completed accurately or wasn't executed using the email address linked to the account containing your travel credits.

Should you wish to not use your travel credits now, but accumulate them for a future tour, you're certainly welcome to do so.

When you embark on the booking process while logged in, there is a possibility that your travel credits will be automatically applied to the Booking. However, if you opt to exclude them, you have the means to easily do so.

  1. Access the 'TourRadar Savings' section on the Booking page and select 'Redeem Promo Code'.

  2. Clicking 'Remove savings' located under 'Travel Credits' will promptly eliminate them from the calculation.
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Feel free to tailor your use of travel credits in a manner that best aligns with your preferences.

Please see https://www.tourradar.com/invite for more details.