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How do I apply my Travel Credits to a new booking?

Applying your Travel Credits to a new booking on TourRadar is straightforward. Follow these steps to make sure your credits are utilized effectively:

  • Sign in to your TourRadar account using the email address linked to the account that holds the credits.
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  • Navigate to the tour page you are interested in and click on 'Confirm Dates' to proceed to the booking process.
    Confirm Dates
  • Fill in all required information on the Booking page.
  • Look for the 'TourRadar Savings' section before the payment schedule. If your login was successful, your Travel Credits should automatically apply.
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  • If the credits do not appear, reach out via Live Chat for assistance from our Customer Support team.

If you prefer to save your credits for a future tour, you can opt not to use them during this booking. Simply bypass the credit application or remove them if automatically applied by clicking the 'Remove saving' button.

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If booking with a co-traveler who also has credits, remember that only the lead traveler’s credits can be used for a joint booking. Each traveler can make separate bookings to use their respective credits independently.

For more details or help with applying your Travel Credits, please visit TourRadar Travel Credits Information. This guide ensures you can leverage your credits to maximize savings on your next adventure!