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How do I apply my travel credits to a new booking?

  1. Log into the TourRadar website with the email address that your travel credits are linked to.
    Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 2.41.27 pm
  2. Click to confirm your dates from the adventure details page to bring up the Book Now page. 
    Confirm Dates
  3. Fill in all the details required. 
  4. Before the Payment Schedule section, you’ll see the TourRadar Savings section. Your Travel Credits should automatically be applied if you’ve logged in correctly. If not, click ‘Redeem Promo Code / Travel Credits’. Do keep in mind that your travel credits can only cover up to 5% of the total adventure price. Any remaining credit will stay on your account to be used on a future booking! 

  5. Select your travel credits:

  6. If you don’t see this option, you likely haven’t logged in correctly or with the email address that your travel credits are under. 

Please note that only one form of savings can be applied to each booking. This means that you can choose to use either the TourRadar Members Savings OR a promo code OR your earned travel credits. These cannot be combined. 

If there is a form of savings already applied to the tour, we often suggest saving your travel credits, as this will result in great savings on your new booking and any travel credits earned from this adventure will be added to your bank of credits for even higher savings on your next booking! 

Please see https://www.tourradar.com/invite for more details.