Where can I find the adventure operator’s terms and conditions?

  • For confirmed bookings, you can access the terms and conditions directly from your Booking Conversation Page. Simply locate them on the bottom right-hand side under the 'Terms and Conditions' section. 


  • In the event that you haven’t booked the tour yet, you can access the tour operator's terms and conditions by navigating to the tour page. Click the 'Explore your Options' button under the 'Your Peace of Mind' section to access these terms. 

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    • Additionally, you can also access the terms and conditions by clicking the 'Confirm Dates' button next to your chosen departure date. This action will direct you to the Booking page, where you can find the terms and conditions located at the bottom of the page. This comprehensive accessibility ensures that you have easy access to the tour operator's terms and conditions at various stages of the booking process. 

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