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Is it possible to update or modify the destination of my current insurance policy?

It is not possible to update or modify the destination of an insurance policy. 

Once a policy is purchased it is tied to the original booking and destination, therefore it cannot be modified or updated to change the insured destination. 

If you have decided to change the original destination of your booking, a new insurance policy must be purchased. If your insurance policy is still within the cooling-off period, you can choose to cancel the existing policy and purchase a new one that matches your new destination. Please reach out to our dedicated Customer Support team to know if you are within the cooling-off period, and process this for you. 

If the cooling-off period has expired, canceling the existing insurance is not possible. In such instances, we recommend doing your own research to identify suitable travel insurance options that meet your specific needs.

If you want to know when the cooling-off ends, please read: How can I find out when my cooling-off period ends?