How do I know if I am eligible for travel insurance offered by XCover?

It is important to note that XCover insurance, which is the current insurance provider, is not available in all countries and does not provide worldwide coverage. Currently, XCover insurance is available in specific regions:

  • USA (EXCEPT NY or Hawaii)
  • Canada (EXCEPT Quebec or Saskatchewan) - available only at the time of booking
  • UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • EU (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Malta)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

It is crucial for passengers to read the policy wording thoroughly at all times to ensure they have a clear understanding of the coverage and terms provided by XCover.

If you are from a region not yet covered by XCover, we recommend conducting your own research to find suitable travel insurance that meets your needs. There are numerous options available to ensure you have comprehensive coverage for your travels.

If you want to know how to get a quote with XCover, please read here: How can I get a travel insurance quote for my upcoming trip?