How do I add insurance when making a booking?

If you’re located in a region that can be insured by our insurance partner Cover Genius, you’ll be able to obtain a quote for insurance and add this to your booking from the Book Now page. Simply click into the date you’re booking, and you’ll see an Insurance section of the Book Now page where you can select to add this to your booking. You can then also click to view the full policy details to ensure that Cover Genius insurance is what you’re looking for:

Travel Insurance BNP

Note that any insurance policies must be paid for in full at the time of booking.

If you’re from a region not yet covered by Cover Genius, we cannot add insurance to your booking. We recommend World Nomads as one of the many travel insurance companies you can use! Please see to obtain a quote with World Nomads. You’re also welcome to book your own insurance with your preferred provider.