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Does XCover cover flights or other services booked outside of TourRadar?

When securing insurance through XCover for your tour booked via TourRadar, it's essential to understand the scope of coverage. The policy you purchase is specifically tied to the components of the trip booked through TourRadar, which includes all elements directly associated with the tour package from your tour operator.

Key points to consider:

  • The insurance covers only the elements that are part of your TourRadar booking. This includes accommodations, tours, and activities that are booked as part of the package.
  • Services such as flights, additional hotel nights, or other travel activities booked outside of TourRadar are not covered by your XCover insurance policy.
  • If you require insurance for services not booked through TourRadar, you will need to seek additional insurance policies that cover these external components.

Extending coverage:

  • If you plan to add extra accommodations before or after your tour through TourRadar, you can request this through your Booking Conversation Page. You can read more at What is the Booking Conversation Page, and how do I find it? Should these be confirmed and added to your booking, the insurance coverage dates can be adjusted to encompass these additional services.
  • Modifying your booking to include extra services will also adjust the cost of your insurance policy accordingly.

For comprehensive protection, consider evaluating additional insurance options that can cover external bookings such as flights or activities not included in your tour package.