Why might I need a Visa?

Visas are always required to enter a country that isn’t your country of citizenship. Many countries simply stamp a Tourist Visa into your passport upon arrival but some countries require you to obtain a visa in advance in order to enter the country. It’s extremely important to be aware of whether you require a visa in advance or not, as you can be denied entry into a country without the proper visa. You will then be liable for any cancellation fees for not being able to attend your adventure unless you’ve purchased travel insurance and visa difficulties are covered under your policy. 

In order to determine if you require a visa to visit the countries on your adventure, we recommend checking your local embassy or consulate website for the latest up to date information. 

If you already have an adventure booked with us, you can begin the visa application process through our partner, Sherpa, by clicking ‘Purchase e-Visa’ from your Booking Conversation Page:

If you haven’t booked an adventure yet, feel free to head to https://www.tourradar.com/buy-your-travel-e-visa to check if you require a visa through our visa partner, Sherpa. Sherpa may be able to offer you support and assistance along the visa process, as well as lodge your application on your behalf, depending on the country you’ll be visiting. 

Don’t forget to check your trip notes for any details you might require for your visa application, such as entry and exit ports.