Why is the price different when I go to book a tour?

When booking a tour or river cruise, you might notice that prices can vary significantly across different departure dates.

Here’s why this happens and how you can verify the exact price for your chosen date:

Factors influencing tour pricing:

  • Variable pricing:

    • The cost of a tour is influenced by several factors, including:
      • The specific services required for each itinerary.
      • Demand during peak travel seasons.
      • Availability constraints.
      • Ongoing promotional offers.
    • Due to these variables, there is no fixed pricing standard for travel experiences. Prices fluctuate based on these and other factors.
  • 'From' price:

    • The main price displayed on the tour overview and each tour page is typically labeled as the 'from' price. This indicates the cost of the most affordable departure date available.
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How to confirm specific pricing:

  • Check availability feature:

    • To find out the precise cost for your intended departure date, visit the tour details page and use the 'Check Availability' button. This tool will show you the price for each specific date, accounting for seasonal variations, promotions, and availability.

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  • Room occupancy:

    • Pricing often assumes dual occupancy, which means prices are based on two individuals booking together or a solo traveler willing to share accommodations with another traveler of the same gender. However, if room sharing is not available, a single supplement may apply, increasing the cost.
  • Tour add-ons:

    • The booking page may also offer various optional extras, such as excursions and upgrades. Including these in your booking will affect the overall cost, so consider what add-ons you might want to include to get a comprehensive quote.
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Please be aware that prices are subject to change and may not be finalized until the booking is confirmed by the operator. This means prices can adjust as you approach the booking date, especially if conditions such as availability and promotional offers change.


Understanding these aspects of tour pricing can help you better plan your booking and ensure that you are aware of the potential for price changes. Always check the specific details for your desired departure to avoid surprises and to budget accordingly for your trip.