What is a single supplement?

A single supplement is an additional fee that solo travelers may need to pay to secure a private room during a tour. Here’s how it works and when it might apply:

  1. Purpose of the single supplement:

    • This fee compensates for the higher cost of occupying a room alone. Since accommodation pricing is typically based on double occupancy (two people sharing), hotels charge more for the use of the same room by just one person. The single supplement covers this extra charge.
  2. When is it required?:

    • The single supplement is necessary if room sharing is not available or if you prefer not to share a room with another traveler. It ensures you have private accommodations without needing to share with someone else.
  3. Booking with a single supplement:

    • On the booking page of your desired tour, you can find the 'Select accommodation' section after choosing your preferred travel date. Here, you can see whether the option to pay a single supplement is available. This is particularly relevant if sharing a twin or double room isn’t feasible.
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  4. Applicability:

    • Whether a single supplement is required can vary depending on the tour operator, the style of the adventure, and specific tour policies. Not all tours require a single supplement for solo travelers, but it may be necessary if you wish to have your own room.

Choosing your accommodation:

  • Review the rooming alternatives offered on the tour’s booking page. Decide whether you prefer the privacy of a single room or if you’re open to sharing with another traveler.

  • Opting for a single supplement will increase the cost of your tour, so consider your budget when making this decision.

Understanding the concept of a single supplement helps you better prepare for the costs associated with private room accommodations on tours, ensuring there are no surprises when planning your adventure. If you have any questions about the accommodations for a specific tour, don't hesitate to reach out to the tour operator by clicking the 'Ask a Question' button on each tour's page.