What is a food kitty?

A "food kitty" is a common arrangement used by some tour operators, particularly on camping or lodge-style trips, to manage meal costs effectively. Here’s how it works:

  • Shared Cooking and Costs:

    • On certain tours, meals are not provided as a standard inclusion. Instead, groups cook together, which fosters a communal dining experience. To facilitate this, participants contribute to a collective fund known as a food kitty.
  • Collection of Funds:

    • Your tour leader will collect money, either in advance or daily, which goes into this shared kitty. This fund is specifically used to cover the expenses for groceries and other food-related costs during the trip.
  • Benefits:

    • The food kitty ensures that despite not having pre-arranged meals, everyone will have access to regular meals throughout the adventure. This system not only helps to manage food costs efficiently but also adds an element of teamwork and community to the trip.

This arrangement allows travelers to enjoy varied and often more authentic local meals while keeping the costs transparent and shared equally among the group. If you’re planning to join a tour that utilizes a food kitty, it’s a great way to engage more deeply with your fellow travelers and enjoy a collaborative approach to dining throughout your journey.