What Happens if I Miss my Payment?

If you miss a payment, our Payments Solution Team will proactively contact you to discuss options or arrange for alternative card details, ensuring a smooth resolution.

Please note that final payment dates are set by the adventure operator. If payment cannot be processed within the specified timeframe, we may need to cancel the booking.

The exact timeframe before cancellation depends on the operator's policies and any associated cancellation fees. We always prioritize giving you ample time to arrange alternate payment methods before considering booking cancellation.

It's important to mention that if you've chosen installment payments, missed payments (excluding the final installment) will be seamlessly included in the remaining installments with a minor adjustment. However, if the last installment coincides with your final payment and is missed, our Payment Solutions Team will promptly contact you to explore alternatives or assist with different card details to resolve the situation.

Kindly be advised that after your booking is created, the option to add PayPal as a payment method for future payments or installments will not be available.