The Price of the Adventure has Gone Down since I Booked. Can I have the Sale Price?

Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively apply a sale deal to an adventure that has already been booked and confirmed. The price of your adventure is locked in when your adventure is confirmed, which means that if the price goes up, we won’t charge you anything further but if the price goes down, the discount can’t be applied. This is not dissimilar to the airline industry, where it is also not uncommon to see a price drop after you’ve booked your flight. 

While pricing does fluctuate on a regular basis, as you’ve no doubt seen with all travel products, we always recommend booking as soon as you’re ready to confirm the adventure rather than waiting for a sale. Waiting for a price drop has you running the risk of missing out on a space on your preferred departure date due to the adventure selling out in the meantime. The other risk of choosing to wait to book is that you may end up seeing a higher price at a later date, as pricing can go up as often as it goes down.