The Price of the Tour has Gone Down since I Booked. Can I have the Sale Price?


Regrettably, it's not possible to retrospectively apply a sale discount to an adventure that has already been booked and confirmed.

The price of your tour becomes fixed upon confirmation, which means that while you won't incur any additional charges if the price rises, applying a discount in case of a price reduction isn't possible. This concept bears a resemblance to the airline industry, where observing a price reduction after booking a flight is also not uncommon.

While the pricing landscape does exhibit frequent fluctuations, as is apparent across various travel products, we earnestly advise securing your tour as soon as you're ready to confirm.

  • Opting to wait for a potential price reduction entails the inherent risk of losing out on your desired departure date due to limited availability.
  • Moreover, deferring the booking decision might result in encountering a higher price later, given the propensity of pricing to both rise and fall.

Choosing to reserve promptly not only safeguards your preferred departure date but also mitigates the potential for future price increases. This proactive approach ensures you secure your spot while reducing the uncertainties associated with fluctuating pricing.