Can I have the sale price if the tour's price has gone down since I booked?

once a tour is booked and confirmed on TourRadar, the price at the time of booking is locked in and cannot be adjusted, even if the tour price decreases afterward.

Here’s an explanation of this policy and some considerations for future bookings:

  • The price you agree to when you confirm your booking becomes fixed. This means that subsequent price reductions cannot be applied retrospectively to your booking. Similarly, if prices increase after your booking, you will not be charged any extra.

  • This policy is similar to that of the airline industry, where ticket prices are also non-refundable in terms of price drops after booking. Once a ticket is purchased, the price is fixed regardless of future price fluctuations.


  • Book when ready:

    • Given the nature of travel pricing, which can fluctuate frequently, it’s wise to secure your booking as soon as you’re ready. Waiting for a potential price drop can be risky as it may lead to missing out on your preferred departure date due to limited availability or even higher prices later.
  • Mitigating risks of price fluctuations:

    • By booking promptly, you not only ensure your spot on the desired tour but also protect yourself against potential future price increases. This proactive approach helps you avoid the uncertainties associated with changing tour prices.
  • Monitoring promotions:

    • Keep an eye on promotions and discounts that may apply before you book. Once you see a good deal that fits your plans, it's advantageous to book at that moment to take advantage of the lower price.

While we understand that seeing a price drop after booking can be frustrating, the policies are designed to maintain fairness and predictability in the booking process for all travelers. If you have concerns about timing your booking to get the best price, consider monitoring price trends and promotions closely and be ready to book when you find a suitable offer.