How do I split payments between my travel companions?

Splitting payments between travel companions can make managing the cost of a tour easier and more convenient for everyone involved.

Once the booking is confirmed, you gain the flexibility to manage how the remaining payments are split. This setup is particularly beneficial for groups where costs are shared, as it simplifies the financial management for everyone involved. Here’s how you can set up split payments after your tour has been booked on TourRadar:

  • Access the Booking Conversation Page:

  • Set up payment amounts:

    • Within each traveler's tab, there will be a 'Payment' box. Here, you can enter the specific amount that each traveler needs to pay. This helps divide the total cost according to each person’s share or cover different aspects of the trip.
  • Send secure payment links:

    • After setting the payment amounts, you can generate and send a secure payment link to each traveler. An email with this link will be sent to them, allowing them to complete their payment independently.
  • Making the payment:

    • When your travel companions receive the payment link, they can simply click on it to be guided through the process. They’ll enter their card details and finalize the payment. They will also have the option to download their personal invoice immediately after making the payment, which adds a layer of transparency and convenience.

The initial booking typically requires payment from a single card. Therefore, the deposit should be made by one traveler. However, subsequent payments for the remaining balance can be split among the travel group using the process described above.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage and split payments among your travel companions, ensuring that everyone contributes their share without any hassle. This feature not only facilitates smoother financial arrangements but also helps maintain harmony within the group by clearly defining and handling each person’s financial responsibilities.