How can I Split Payments Between my Travel Companions?

Once your tour has been successfully booked, provided the full payment wasn't made at the time of booking, you have the option to facilitate payments among your travel companions through secure payment links. This feature allows each traveler to remit their individual portion of the adventure cost directly from the booking conversation page.

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  • Navigating to the 'Travellers' section of your booking conversation page, you can access individual traveler tabs.

  • Within each tab, a 'Payment' box is visible, enabling you to input the designated payment amount for that specific traveler.

  • Subsequently, an email containing a secure payment link can be dispatched to the respective traveler for them to initiate their payment.

  • Upon receipt of the secure payment link, your travel companions will find it effortless to proceed.

  • Clicking the link, they will be guided through the process of inputting their card details and concluding the payment. The ability to instantly download their personal invoice adds to the convenience of the process.

It's important to note that the initial booking can't be executed using multiple cards; therefore, the deposit still requires payment from a single traveler. However, after the booking is made, the option to split payments emerges, allowing the remaining balance to be settled collaboratively among the travel group.