Can I Change the Currency of my Confirmed Booking?

Upon securing a confirmed booking, it is important to note that the currency chosen for the booking cannot be altered subsequently. The currency initially selected must also be adhered to for the payment of the remaining balance.

This policy is enforced to maintain consistency and transparency in financial transactions, ensuring that the initial terms and conditions agreed upon during booking remain unchanged.

Should you wish to proceed with a booking in a currency different from the one initially selected, the process involves additional steps.

  1. Before making any changes, we will liaise with the operator to confirm the feasibility of this modification and ascertain the possibility of canceling the original booking free of charge.

    1. If the operator doesn't agree and there are cancellation fees, it's up to you to decide how you want to proceed with your booking.
  2. Upon receiving confirmation from the operator, we will initiate the creation of a new booking in the desired currency.

  3. Subsequently, the original booking will be canceled, and a refund will be processed accordingly.

This meticulous process is undertaken to ensure that both your preferences and the operator's guidelines are accommodated effectively.