Are Airport Transfers Included?

  1. Certain tour operators provide complimentary arrival and departure transfers if you arrive on the first day of the tour and depart on the last day.

    1. To confirm whether these transfers are included, expand the details for both the first day and the last day of the itinerary on the tour page. Look for mentions like 'your guide will meet you at the airport and bring you to the starting hotel' or 'transfers are included.'
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    2. You can also find this information in the 'What’s Included' section of the adventure details page.
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  2. Please be aware that while some operators offer free airport transfers, others might provide them for an additional fee.

    1. If airport transfers are not part of the adventure price, you can request to add these services from your Booking Conversation Page by selecting 'Request airport transfer'.
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  3. Keep in mind that if you're arriving before the tour begins or departing after it ends, most operators won't be able to arrange airport transfers for you unless you also book your pre/post-tour accommodation through the operator.

  4. Remember that certain adventure operators might not be able to offer airport transfers to specific destinations.