What options do I have to modify my booking?

Depending on your adventure operator and what they are offering, you’ll have up to 3 options if you need to make a change due to COVID-19:

  1. Credit for Future Tours (free): You’ll be able to keep your money as a credit to apply to a future adventure with the same adventure operator when you’re ready to travel again. This option is only available with select operators and on select departure dates. If your adventure is suspended, and you're eligible for credit, we'll either give you a call or email you with the details. You can also request this modification from your Booking Conversation Page and we'll be in touch to advise you of your credit options.


  2. Cancellation (fees may apply): You can choose to cancel your adventure. Note that full refunds are not available for all adventures, and fees may apply. Cancellations must be done in writing on your Booking Conversation Page via message.

  3. Date Change (fees may apply): Rather than cancelling or placing your funds on file as a credit, you can also request a date change to postpone your adventure. You can request a date change by clicking ‘Modify Booking’ from your Booking Conversation Page, or you can reach out to us directly by sending a message. Usually, the advertised price will need to be paid for the new date, but many operators are no longer charging additional fees to change your adventure date. 


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